Deliver a precise cut while covering more ground with this 30.8 HP diesel mower. Built for comfort and productivity under a wide range of mowing conditions, the ZD1500 is the first choice for the demanding mower operator. Choose between a 72″ side discharge model, or rear discharge in 60″ or 72″ decks.

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Comfort and Convenience

Kubota ZD1500 Series mowers offer designs for performance without sacrificing operator comfort and maintenance access.  Outstanding stability on a variety of terrains due to a lower center of gravity. The LCD panel shows all the key indicators needed to maximize cutting performance. Adjustable HST levers provides more legroom while the platform mat reduces noise and vibration to provide comfort. The foldable ROPS allows for easier storage and transportation of the mower.

Hydraulic Deck Lift

A hydraulic deck lift system keeps mowing in spite of obstacles by raising and lowering the deck with a petal.

Shaft Drive Mower

For responsive power the drive shaft transfers power from the engine to the deck. Shaft drive requires less maintenance and provides greater dependability.

Pivoting Front Axle

Choose from two front-axle setups to optimize comfort and performance: adjustable for a smooth ride, or rigid for optimal control.

Kubota Durable Transmission

Kubota’s original hydrostatic transmission that offer faster, smoother response under all loading conditions. Except for an occasional fluid change, the hermetically-sealed structure requires no maintenance.

Kubota Diesel Engine with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Kubota engines are recognized around the world for their proven quality and reliability. The ZD Series’ diesel engines give you unparalleled performance, productivity and economy. The ZD Series’ dependable engines power through tough mowing jobs.

ACS Kubota PRO Deck (Aerodynamic Cutting System)

The airflow inside the deck has been optimized for faster, more efficient cutting and discharge. The improved airflow results in reduced power consumption, work efficiency, and increased fuel efficiency. The deck features a flexible discharge chute to ensure a smoother and more uniform discharge of clippings.


Operator Controlled Discharge Chute

The discharge chute cover over the grass clippings outlet can be opened and closed with single lever, temporarily shutting the outlet to avoid sending clippings onto flowerbeds or roads.