Lawn care is more of a pleasure than a chore with Kubota’s Z200 Series compact zero-turn mowers – featuring a comfortable, cushioned seat, user-friendly controls and exceptional cutting performance. Gas engine models; available in 48”, 54” or 60” decks.

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Choice of Kubota Engine

The Kubota gasoline engine delivers durability and productivity like no other. This reliable, air-cooled engine offers outstanding performance and quiet operation. It features Kubota’s clean-flow structure, to eliminate grass clippings clogging the wide cooling air passages.

Kubota Diesel Engine is known for their durability, high performance, energy efficiency and reliability to take on heavy mowing jobs.

Operator Comfort

An adjustable seat with a seatbelt for protection with an uncluttered floorboard for operator comfort. User friendly instrument panel keeps essential controls and indicators close.  A foldable ROPS is included for operator safety

Flexible Cover

The ZG200 Series employ a flexible discharge cover to help prevent damage to shrubs and landscaping.

High-performance HST transmission

For superior durability, the ZG Series features an integral-type, twin-hydrostatic transmission. Except for an occasional fluid change, its hermetically-sealed structure requires no maintenance.

Easy Maintenance

For routine maintenance simply lift the hood. Access points are built into the units for access to essential components.

Pro Commercial Mower Deck

Featuring a heavy-duty, Pro Commercial mower deck designed to maximize cutting performance. The decks are designed to improve airflow and reduce spillage for discharging grass clippings to keep lawns looking great.

Pedal-Type Lift System

Easily roll right over obstacles push a pedal and the hydraulic lift system raises the mower deck. A special one-touch lock keeps the deck raised for transportation.


Work Light Kit

ZD3116A – Illuminate your work area and mow from dawn to at dusk with the ROPS mounted halogen work lights. Fits all ZG200 Series.


Protect yourself from the elements with the deluxe fiberglass sunshade canopy. Requires mounting kit – E1124

Maintenance Lift Kit – ZG3127

Lawn mower maintenance like blade sharpening and debris removal is quick and convenient with the maintenance lift kit option.

Mulching Kits

ZG3049 – 48″ Mulch Kit for ZG222-48S
ZD3145 – 48″ Mulch kit for ZG222-48
ZG3156 – 54″ Mulch kit for ZG227-54 and ZD221-54
ZD3157 – 60 ” Mulch kit for ZG227L-60

Grass Catcher

Give lawns the clean, manicured look with this 2 bag, 8-bushel grass catcher.