You work hard to produce and harvest quality forage. Protect your investment with Kubota’s WR1100C computer-controlled automatic bale wrapper. Equipped with a hydraulic film cutter and three-point mounted turntable wrapper, this model handles round bales up to 2,650 pounds and 47″ X 50″ in size.

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Wrapping at Storage Site

Kubota WR1100 is a three-point mounted wrappers with a simple yet reliable way of wrapping silage bales. The three-point mounted wrapper can be mounted on the rear or front hydraulics of the tractor and can be used as a static machine with an external power unit.

Easy Operation

One operator can do the entire process of loading, wrapping and stacking. Once the wrapping process is activated the whole operation runs automatically. An optional automatic stop ensures that the bale is properly wrapped.

Remote Control

The Kubota WR1100 is operated via computer controls with an integrated bale counter. A remote control is available as an option, ideal for static use.