The M6 Series tractor line offers premium features in a deluxe mid-range utility tractor package. Designed with hay, cattle and ranchers in mind, the M6 tractors are packed full of power, comfort and the versatility to accomplish any task thrown at it. With four models to choose from – ranging from 97 to 133 net engine horsepower – the M6 Series has the tractor to fit your operation’s needs.

The M6 Series is the ultimate haying tractor, matching up well with all of Kubota’s hay and forage implements. Offering excellent ground clearance due to Kubota’s bevel gear front axle, the M6 will straddle and clear many of the largest windrows. And, with Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission, the operator will easily be able to find the right gear to match the desired field or travel speed.

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Grand X Cab

The M6 Series tractors come equipped with the class leading, 4-post Grand X Cab, one of the largest cabs in the mid-range utility tractor market, giving the operator excellent visibility. A standard air ride seat and controls ergonomically placed for easy use and less fatigue for the operator.

Bi-Speed Turn

Kubota exclusive Bi-Speed Turn makes the M6 mid-range utility tractor turn much tighter and gives the operator the ability to navigate around tighter spots and make shorter end-row turns.

Deluxe Flow-Control Rear Remotes

The deluxe flow-control rear remotes gives the M6 Series’ pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulic system fine control and precise operation.

Intelli-Shift Transmission

All four models of M6 tractors feature Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission that features 8 powershift gears in each of the three ranges. The powershift buttons and the range lever are incorporated together, finding the right gear is simplified. Each M6 also includes two Auto Shift modes, for Travel and Field work, giving the M6 the ability to work smarter and more efficiently.

The M6 Series also includes a left-hand electro-hydraulic forward/reverse shuttle, enabling the operator to shuttle from forward to reverse without removing their hands from the steering wheel.

Suspended Front Axle (Optional on M6-141 Only)

The M6-141 can be equipped with the optional front axle suspension that maintains soil contact and maximize 4-wheel pulling power especially when pulling high draft loads or heavy 3-point attachments. This also adds another level of comfort and security while traveling to absorb bumps in the road or rough terrain.

Kubota Diesel Engines

The M6 Series is powered by two of the most powerful Kubota diesel engines in our line-up. These engines are Tier 4 final compliant are clean burning and powerful for the toughest conditions. M6-101/M6-111 models have the V3800, 3.8 liter turbocharged engine boasts 97.1 and 106.8 net HP and is Tier 4 Final compliant.  M6-131/M6-141 models have the V6108, 6.1 liter turbocharged engine is the largest displacement engine in the mid-range utility class of tractor, providing 123.2 and 133.0 net HP.


Kubota Built Front End Loaders

Kubota’s performance matched front end loaders add more productivity and versatility to the M6 Series line of tractors. Add a LA1955 (M6-101/M6-111) or LA2255 (M6-131/M6-141) and make your M6 Series tractor the ultimate haying and utility tractor. With optional features like KSR (Kubota Shockless Ride), hydraulic self-leveling, and a 3rd function valve, your Kubota front end loader is able to accomplish almost any loader task.

Land Pride Attachments

Whether you are mowing a pasture or roadside, feeding hay, or grading a road, Land Pride offers a wide array of performance matched implements and attachments to get the job done and turn your M6 tractor into the work horse your operation needs. Contact your local Kubota/Land Pride dealer to find out what Land Pride attachment they have available to make your Kubota tractor an even bigger part of your operation.

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