From landscaping to construction, experience maximum versatility in Kubota’s B26TLB utility tractor. Loaded with a 24.3 HP Kubota diesel engine, standard 4WD and sloped loader arms and hood designed for improved visibility on the work site, the B26 takes productivity to the next level.

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Headlights/Work Lights

Headlights and work lights have been installed canopy and ROPS. High set headlights provide great ground coverage during night work. The rear-mounted work lights allow for visibility during backhoe or 3-point hitch work.

Independent PTO

The independent PTO keeps stopping to a minimum. Stay productive by engaging and disengaging the rear PTO without having to stop the tractor.

3-Point Hitch

Take on large jobs with a lifting capacity that allows a wide variety of implements and larger implements.

Four Wheel Drive

Combined with the differential lock for the front axle combined with 4WD ensures unstoppable performance under difficult conditions.

Integrated Main Frame

The reinforced frame on the B26 is performance matched to the loader and backhoe. The structural integrity of the tractor is sound and built to take on the stresses of repetitive work.

Slanted Hood Design

The slanted boom and hood of the Kubota B26 improves visibility over the hood. Allows attachments to be changed quickly.


Tackle jobs with the confidence of Kubota’s high output, liquid-cooled engine is dependable and durable.


Land Pride

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Backhoe (BT820)

• Curved backhoe boom
• Protected hydraulic hoses
• Hydraulic cylinder
• 20.3 degree angle of departure
• Reversible seat
• Increased the stabilizer lift capacity
• Digging capacity – more than 4,000 lbs. of bucket breakout force and a digging depth of 8’4″
• Precise inching performance
• Standard thumb bracket
• Hydraulic thumb (optional)
• Hydraulic valves for rear attachments (optional)
• Bucket quick coupler (optional)
• Quick mount attach/detach

Front Loader (TL500)

• Lifting capacity of 1,100 lbs.
• Lift height of 7’10” is the best in class
• Built-in loader valve
• Mechanical spill guard
• 3rd function valve (optional)
• Front guard
• Quick coupler
• Lubrication points
• Enclosed Hoses
• Brace-less frame
• Bucket-level indicator
• Console-mounted loader joystick and armrest