Kubota M Series Low Profile tractors bring you low profile tractors with full-size features and capabilities. Designed specifically for fruit and nut orchard applications, the M Series Low Profile tractors are versatile enough to be used in poultry operations or anywhere low clearance operation is required. M5L and M6L Low Profile tractors are built solid to withstand the toughest orchard conditions and are factory ready to accept a Kubota built front end loader, making Kubota a leader in the low profile specialty tractor market.

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Kubota Diesel Engines

The M Series Low profile tractor line-up is powered by Kubota’s proven and reliable V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine.

Right Hand Operator’s Guard

Kubota installed a standard right hand operator’s guard on every M Series Low Profile tractor to keep low hanging branches from contacting the operator or contacting critical controls.

Low Profile, Sloped, Steel Hood

Kubota has engineered and designed a hood to not only house the engine and emissions components, but to also gently deflect and avoid branches. The sloped steel hood on the M Series Low Profile tractors increases the operator’s visibility.

Steel Rear Fenders

Kubota uses heavy-duty, wide steel fenders that will last the life of the tractor. Kubota’s rear fenders gently deflect the branches of trees, but can withstand heavy abuse. Kubota steel rear fenders are standard on all M Series Low Profile models.


Land Pride Attachments

Whether you are mowing or clearing an orchard row, grading a road or scraping out a poultry house,  Land Pride offers a wide array of performance matched implements and attachments to get the job done and turn your M Series Low Profile tractor into the work horse your operation needs. Contact your local Kubota/Land Pride dealer to find out what Land Pride attachment they have available to make your Kubota tractor an even more productive part of your operation.

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Kubota Built Front End Loaders

Kubota’s performance matched front end loaders add more productivity and versatility to the M Series Low Profile tractors. No need to add an additional sub-frame or other special components – the LA1854 (M5L-111) and the LA1944 (M6L-111) loaders turn your M Series specialty tractor into a limb clearing, chicken house cleaning machine. With optional features like KSR (Kubota Shockless Ride), hydraulic self-leveling and a 3rd function valve, your Kubota front end loader is able to accomplish almost any loader task.