Available in either 2WD or 4WD models and either Gear or HST Transmission variations – with choices between 49 HP and 61 HP – the new MX Series tractors can tackle just about any job that comes their way. Their ideal size makes them versatile enough to handle almost any work site or application.

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Ready to Work

The Kubota MX Series has a Cat II 3-point hitch and Land Pride 3-point quick hitch that are ready to get the job done. The optional front end loader and backhoe, are performance matched to help maximize the tractor’s potential.

Easy to Operate

The MX Series has several features for easy operation.  The steering is effortless even in tight spots.  All of the controls are easily accessed from the operator’s seat. The full-opening metal hood gives easy access for daily maintenance.

Performance Matched Backhoe

Kubota’s backhoes are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the backhoe and tractor. Adding a thumb increases versatility and makes lifting objects even easier. The Kubota BH92 is easily removed without the use of tools

Performance Matched Front End Loader

The Kubota LA1065 Front Loader is packed with features to make it versatile and easy to use. Kubota’s front loaders are built by Kubota and specifically designed to maximize the performance of the front loader and tractor. The LA1065 has over 9 feet of lift height and 2,275 lbs. of lift capacity, ready for any job. A standard 2-Lever Quick coupler allows for quick and easy attachment changing. The LA1065 features a loader valve that increase speed and productivity

Operator Comfort

Operators have plenty of room to work in comfort. While the Large gagues make monitoring the tractor easy.

Multiple Powertrain Options

Kubota’s MX Series Tractors feature a servo control HST, which makes operating smooth and easy.  The servo control allows the operator to apply a consistent amount of pressure on the pedal regardless of the load. The Kubota MX4800 and MX5200 also offer a gear drive transmission with Kubota’s Synchro Shuttle. These transmissions are designed to allow the operator to easily find the correct speed for almost any application. Not every job needs a 4WD tractor. The Kubota MX4800 and MX5200 both offer a 2WD configuration with a gear transmission for those customers who need a larger tractor, but don’t need 4WD.

Built to Last

Kubota is the #1 manufacturer in the world for under 100 HP non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines. The Kubota equipment is built to last. The Kubota tractor is designed and built by Kubota for our customers. Kubota is known for its good reputation that can’t be faked.