The Kubota BV5160 SC-14  baler is fully ISO ready and come standard with a 14 knife cutting system. These balers have been designed with nothing but silage in mind, so they produce high density crops in any type of moisture condition. The unique bale chamber design ensures the least amount of air in your silage bales, which increases your silage quality.

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SuperCut-14 Knife Rotor (SC-14 Model)

The SuperCut-14 version of BV5160 is the ideal solution for silage applications. The 14 knife chopping system provides a fast and efficient flow into the baler, the ideal solution for producing dense and airtight bales.  The bale is easier to break up during the feeding process.

Control Terminal

The ISOGO Terminal is a universal ISO control terminal that can be used with other Kubota implements. Fully controlling all functions from the tractor. The ISOGO terminal monitors and controls all necessary functions with all relevant parameters/ information visible at a glance. The control box drives the binding automatically

PowerBind Net Wrap

These balers come with Kubota’s patented PowerBind net wrap system. The net is fed directly into the bale chambers by injection plates, to keep the net tight at all times, which provides accurate and reliable net injection.  In addition, the PowerBind net system is extremely simple with a very low loading height.

Twine Tying

Automatic twine tying with the fast acting double tube system means simultaneous binding of both edges of the bale, keeping binding time to a minimum. Over crossing of twines in the center of the bale means no loose ends.

Drop Floor for Easy Unblocking

The Kubota drop floor enables the operator to clear blockages easily from the tractor cab without loss. This standard feature reduces downtime and helps increase productivity.

Intelligent Density 3D

The Intelligent Density 3D bale chamber offers a combination of 3 rollers and 5 endless belts, giving it the ability to set the density of the bale in three different zones. The front rollers ensure ensure instant and efficient bale start with immediate bale formation in all crop conditions.

High Performance Pick-Up and Intake

On Kubota’s BV5160, the load on the tine bars is minimized by using two intermediate supports and two separate cam tracks. Slip clutch protection comes standard. A roller wind guard is fitted on rotor intake models which pre-compresses the crop, further boosting intake performance.