The Kubota M7 Series tractor is impeccably designed to provide commercial hay producers and row crop farmers with a fuel-efficient, high-performing and versatile tractor. This commercial tractor is ideal for hay and forage applications, livestock operations, row crop production and more. The M7 invokes a robust stature that includes a 10-bolt heavy-duty front axle. This heavy-duty front axle complements the best-in-class lift performance of the LM2605 front loader, providing the operator with a durable and highly efficient tractor/loader combination.

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Kubota V6108 Engine with Power Boost

The V6108 engine boasts the latest in clean-engine technology providing a high-level of performance, while adhering to emission regulations. Power boost delivers more power when needed to operate and maintain maximum efficiency within travel and PTO applications.

Transmission Options

The M7 Standard and Premium models features Kubota’s dependable Powershift transmission that provides 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds allowing an optimal gear range being available for your application. The Premium features Kubota Variable Transmission, (KVT), a continuously variable transmission that offers an infinite number of forward and reverse speeds.

Travel Speed

Offered on Standard and Premium Models, the Creeper option allows slower travel speeds for applications requiring lower speeds.

Offered on Premium and Premium KVT models A 50 kph (32 mph) travel speed option is available with higher speed capabilities.

Sophisticated Controls

The K-Monitor Pro, available on Premium and Premium KVT models, provides the operator with touchscreen accessibility to the M7’s configurable features. The M7 is an ISO-BUS equipped unit allowing ISO-BUS connectivity allowing compatible implement control via the K-Monitor Pro.


Kubota’s standard 4-speed live-independent PTO operates a variety of rear-mounted implements efficiently. Auto PTO on/off with 3-point Hitch Position, available on premium and premium KVT models, automatically disengages and re-engages the PTO increasing operator efficiency.


The M7 premium model offers Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulics ideal for applications requiring a high performing hydraulic system.  The M7 Standard models feature a Pressure Compensated, Fixed Displacement hydraulic system, providing adjustable flow rates for applications.

Kubota Headland Control

Available on Premium and Premium KVT models

Kubota Headland Control, works with compatible implements to provide customizable programs of automated operations.  This system makes headland turning easier and more responsive while an ISO-BUS and GPS system allow for working precision.

EZ-Command Center

Available on Premium and Premium KVT models

The EZ-Command Center enables access to many of the tractors functions. This reduces operator fatigue, resulting in a more comfortable, productive, and efficient operator’s environment. Plus, an ergonomic workstation engineered with instantly accessible levers and information centers make for a comfortable days work from the M7’s wide cabin with virtually unobstructed views.


Front Loader

Fully configured to handle a variety of implements and jobs, the advanced loader systems on the M7 include a mechanical self-leveling system that significantly increases the lifting height to 167 in. while providing an astonishing 5776 lbs. of front lifting power. A tight turning radius, excellent mobility and better forward visibility further enhance operational efficiency. The M7 pushes the envelope to achieve a new level of power and efficiency in front loader performance.

Features include:
• Kubota Z-Bar linkage mechanical self-leveling
• Front loader joystick
• Euro quick coupler
• Single-lever hydraulic quick coupler
• Quick attachment and detachment
• Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR)
• Third function valve

110 inch Long Bar Axle

On Premium and Premium KVT Models


Large Tanks for Fuel/DEF


Best in Class Standard Features

  • 3pt. Lift Capacity
  • Front Loader Capacity
  • Largest monitor
  • Standard Base Weight
  • 100 mm Bar Axle